Auf den folgenden Seiten gibt es ein paar meiner Werke zu bewundern.


… Slide 2

This Text Box not only uses the class innerFx-fade but also innerBox-lighten, which accounts for the white transparent background.

If you wonder how to use these cool «previous slide and next slide» inline links – that's simple: They are generic links, made with CK Editor's   Link Tool. Just use #prev-slide or #next-slide in the URL field and you’re set.

Time for the next slide»


Here comes Slide No. 3

This Text Box only has the (effect) class innerBox-darken instead of -lighten. innerBox-darken will not automatically make the text color white, so you will have to use CK Editor’s   Text Color tool.

What about the background image? That’s a “Responsive Background” section which comes with the “Responsive Image” plugin. You can edit it by clicking somewhere into the background. Currently this will not always work. In case just switch to the editor’s “Page” view and click the Edit icon (the pencil). I hope to fix this soon. Next slide»


And finally … Slide 4

In addition to innerBox-lighten this Text Box utilizes the classes innerFx-toast and innerFx-fade, all in combination.

Hmm, anything missing? Ah, yes, the slider parameters ;-) You may already have noticed the overlay down ⇓ at the bottom of the slider, saying “edit slider”. Editing this area will get you to all the slider options. Just try it. No worries, the overlay will not be shown to normal visitors.

Adding/removing slides: This is done in the Sections List in “Page” view. To add a slide the most easy way is to copy an existing one using the “Copy” icon next to Slide 1 (wrapper) but you can also build your very own slides. Slider Factory can turn every section into a slide.
Just try it yourself!


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